Applying algorithms to learn from images and associated text to Barcelona Instagram images allows analyzing which words and images Instagram users relate to Barcelona and different concepts. Since people tend to post more on Instagram when they are traveling and Barcelona is a very touristic city, most of the Instagram data related to Barcelona is from tourists. Therefore, the results are very interesting for the tourism industry.

Eurecat organizes a tourism forum in Barcelona, ForumTurisTIC, where I presented there the possibilities of applying my research to tourism analysis in the inspirational session. The objective was explaining in a non-technical way how the pipeline works and which applications could it have in the tourism industry. Attendants were quite interested in the possibilities.

Main points of the presentation

  • Algorithms can learn relations between images and text.
  • They can be trained without supervision using Instagram images and associated text.
  • The data available in Instagram related to Barcelona is a lot, and its mainly related to tourism.
  • We can infer which words Instagram users relate to any concept.

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  • We can infer which kind of images Instagram users relate to any concept and Barcelona.

  • The pipeline is extrapolable to any other city or subject.





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